To put it bluntly, I’m homeless. My husband and child are homeless.

Let’s get into detail. (If I sound all over the place, It’s because this is a lot.)

Remember a few posts back where I spoke about Hurricane Irma & Maria? Well soon after that, my husband and I had to attend many doctors visits to help him with his disabilities. He is a disabled 30 year old veteran that the military has neglected- not only him but his family too. My husband suffers from PTSD and one of many addictions that helped sooth him was spending. So, he spent. He spent the very little we had.

And we are here. Not much in the bank and soon to be finished with a Section 8 program that has not helped out our situation at all. We have food stamps (197 to be exact) so that takes care of our meals. We have been under Section 8 for two months and its impossible to find a home after the chaos with Maria and Puerto Rico. Many have arrived here to central FL and its max occupancy every-where.

My husbands family is disabled. My family is disabled. We don’t have the help. We’ll be living in our car (that may get towed soon because of missing payments that we can’t afford) in the streets. Yeah..

This is truly what it has come down to.

My husband has applied for help as a Vet and if you’re familiar with the process, it can take months to years to hear back about any income or claim.

We’ve exhausted every opportunity and all help.

My faith still stands strong and all I can truly say is that Christ knows why he’s allowed me to fall so low.

I have till Dec 15 and the no more internet, no more hotel, no more Section 8. I’ll do my best to blog as much as I can. I’ve truly been in a funk. I don’t mean to neglect. Its difficult when I’m not only the mother of the household, but the maid, care taker, nanny, best friend, friend, mother and teacher.

For those who believe in Christ, I ask from the deepest part of my existence, to please pray for me. I need all the voices I can get. Thank you.

Talk soon.



I’m still here.

Just going through a trial that requires my full attention.

I’ll be back real soon.

Thanks for sticking around. 🌹