My 33 month old is three months away from turning 3 years old and has just hit a slight terrible twos. Just, slight. Constantly yelling “no way!” or “sshhh be quiet!” as a response to any question I ask. This has driven me up the wall. My only discipline is time out and no treats for completing a potty session. I truly don’t know how other mothers do it. This is a new one for me and a learning experience for myself.

I was once impulsive & impatient. Having a child and raising one teaches you many things but most of all it teaches us patience.

Thankfully, no tantrums. She’s always been angelic until she stumbled upon a “Bad Baby” YouTube videos. These videos are adult acting as children or children acting as baby’s while doing rebellious acts. A class of videos that I do not recommend any mother showing their children. Especially if your little one mimics all that they see. Please monitor what your child watches. We are living in some strange times. TV/entertainment has taken a left turn.

Anyways, lets address this title.

When I get a chance to have moment to my self, a moment I know the day is at end and my kid is asleep for the night, I don’t unwind by binge watching a series on Netflix or a sci-fi movie on Amazon. Lately, It’s been good ol’Bobby’s World and a decent glass of Moscato.

You would think otherwise huh?

I’m sitting here, writing about how “patience is a virtue” yet I result in watching children cartoons as my me time. Ah, life has a way of bringing things full circle. If you don’t understand, let me explain;

I choose children cartoons/series for many reasons. Nostalgic reasons of course but overall it’s portrayal of innocence. Innocence is always a good reminder for me to not get so worked up by my child’s new understandings. I keep having to reminding myself that children are innocent and do/say things because that’s either what they see at home, learn off a sibling or see on TV.

Though my child has gained a little spice off of a YouTube video, her intent is pure innocence. It’s me who’s getting worked up over nada.

This post has been therapeutic, don’t cha know.

TY. ❤


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