Who remembers FAFI?

I haven’t seen a FAFI drawing since 2009! So much nostalgia occurred when I ran into these images on a recent Pinterest hunt. I quickly did my best to find out if Fafi was still up and running and guess what? She is! How exciting!

I remember I was extremely obsessed with these drawings and Fafi’s street art back in 2008. Around this time, Myspace was today’s Facebook and you were allowed to customize your layout on your front page. Pinterest wasn’t available then so you would have to search for these on google. These images were definitely posted in many of the popular girls bios. I truly believed the women at that time that had this craft in their description boxes would some what relate to these characters, or at least want to. I know I wanted to. They embodied such fly, daring personalities who had this sort of seducing power every time you would gaze into their eyes. Fafi has since upgraded her art as if she too has grown with them throughout the years. I won’t be posting those being that most of her art can be a bit offensive for others. I’ll link her Instagram account here & her facebook here. Trust me, you’ll be obsessed with her craft once you do.

Here’s a few throwbacks I remember following her street art, enjoy.





























Almost hypnotizing isn’t it? Nothing pleases me more than art like this still going strong! Cheers Fafi! ❤


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