So I’ve been thinking, every few months, I’d like to jot down facts about me during that moment in time in my life. I’m constantly evolving. I’m a woman who easily finds new interests, hobbies, peace. Rarely am I ever satisfied & I choose to think that that’s one of my faults. With that said, this not only let’s you get to know a bit more about me, but I get to know much more about myself. And maybe, just maybe, find some satisfaction.

In the perfect words of Barbara Streisand – I am simple, complex, generous, selfish, unattractive, beautiful, lazy, and driven.”


Here we go;

1.) I’m obsessed with people’s last names and it’s origin. Especially my own.

2.) Motherhood gave me a totally different prospective on my own body. I’m no where near as confident as I was before pregnancy, though my body is no different now than what it was then. It’s all mental. And I’m slowly learning to defeat that negativity. I’ll get there.

3.) I go to sleep thinking about coffee. I wake up thinking about coffee.

4.) Every time I fall, I seek God. Sometimes, I feel he purposely puts a small pebble in my path so I can seek him again. I tell you, Christ is so so good.

5.) During my moments of blogging or finding some inspiration to write, I throw on some Andrea Bocelli in the background to keep me focused.

6.) My favorite color to wear is grey. My favorite color to see is all colors vibrant.

7.) I really can’t stand sarcasm. I no like it.

8.) One of my proudest accomplishments is my daughter. I say that because this is coming from someone who never saw marriage nor children in her future. It wasn’t a plan of action for me. It wasn’t something I ever dreamed about. So this is huge for me.

9.) Fred Astaire is one of my favorite actors/dancer.

10.) I have a very piercing laugh. I don’t think that will ever change. ❤




Until next time.


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