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Isn’t she a beauty?

I prepped her exactly 5 weeks ago. Sadly, I prepped her siblings in the back at the same time and yet, they’ve cracked but haven’t rooted. I haven’t put much thought into why they haven’t rooted but I’ve recently read that part of the process of growing your own avocado tree is that you must remove the “shell/skin” of the seed once it has cracked. (The seed will crack into two pieces and remain intact. Just enough to begin rooting.)

Anyhow, I didn’t remove the skin from the seed and the tree is doing well! It’s your call boss!

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From what I understand, this process takes about 9 weeks for the tree to root & start growing it’s leaves. Since I’ve taken interest in growing my own foods at home, I’ve purchased a natural veggie and fruit feed from my local Walmart to help me out. Truthfully, I believe that by using a small amount of this natural feed, it boosts the growth process.

Just up top I’ve placed a photo of the natural plant feed. I highly recommend it! This product will run you about 6-7 bucks at your local Walmart.

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Above is a photo of my baby pineapple showing off her 3-4 inch roots. She took 4-5 weeks, estimating. She too consumes the feed. If you’re interested in how to grow your own pineapple at home, please let me know! I’d love to share as much as I can.

How to grow your own Avocado Tree;

One Natural Feed at Walmart. (optional)

Three Ripe Avocados (I chose organic. You can purchase one or as many as you’d like. Purchasing the avocados ripe is quicker than waiting for them to ripen at home.)

1 Pack of Toothpicks

Tupperware, coffee cup, cup, etc. Something you can fill with water and have the Avocado live and feed for weeks. Here’s a cheap tip, you can thrift jelly or jam glass containers for a few cents or just use one at home. Possibly an old peanut butter jar?
Instructions: Remove seed from ripe avocado. Wash and clean thoroughly. Pat dry. Take 3-4 toothpicks and pierce one at a time, slowly, around the seed. The seed is not hard to pierce. The toothpicks go in smoothly. My toothpicks were about 3-4 cm deep. Fill jar or container with filtered water to the very top. Place seed in the middle of the jar/container so that the picks hold it up evenly. Thats it! Add water when needed. Possibly once a week. Add a drop when rewatering.

If you want to use the feed, add 2-4 drops into the water. That’s that.

PLEASE READ: Film can develope from the seed just sitting in water. That’s normal and part of the process. You don’t have to wash it off if it’s too nasty for you. The film will eventually turn the water dark and slimy. I would simply wash off gently and replace the water. Adding the same 2-4 drops if all water is replaced. The texture will feel slimy and there’s absolutely no smell. Promise!


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