You know, since 2017 kicked off, I promised myself to accept and embrace my insecurities. I’ve failed since, but, I’m trying. I really am. The internet is the worst place to compare yourself to “perfectly photoshopped” images of these beauty bloggers or instagram models. I too am a victim. It happens.

So here it is. Though there aren’t many, they’re my insecurities.

1.) My ears. They’re huge! “All the better to hear you with, my dear!

2.) Enlarged pores. I assume it is a result from all the pimple popping I did in middle school.

3.) My long big toes! Like, why u so lawng?

4.) I have a large forehead. You can see my thoughts.

5.) My extremely oily skin.

I mean, it may not be a BIG deal to the world, some possibly don’t even notice. But, these are the little things that effect me and my self-esteem. Time to embrace!

Thank you for letting me be me. Takes quite a bit of courage to place topics like this out in the open. It’s different when it’s a one-on-one with your spouse, best friend or parent.

❤ Talk soon.


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