Here’s a little more about me. 🌹

10.) I get anxiety attacks often. Mostly when unorganized, therefore I strive to be as organized as possible. Which leads to my next fact;

9.) I try my best to be a perfectionist.

8.) Movies move me quite easily. Whatever emotion is felt in the movie, I feel it too.

7.) Lactose intolerant since I can remember. Huge non-dairy milk drinker over here.

6.) I haven’t had a drink in four years, but when I did, and if I do, I’ll always lean towards whiskey.

5.) Dark Chocolate over Milk Chocolate, any given day. For obvious reasons.

4.) Hot Cheetos is my all time favorite go to junk food. Especially in a bowl with lemon and a pinch of salt or Lucas powdered mexican “candy”. Oooooomg.

3.) My mother is my sister & best friend. If you’re reading this, know that I love you to pieces.

2.) I was born & raised in the south side of Chicago.

1.) If my family had to describe my personality in one word, it would definitely be goofy.


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