As many of you know, I’ve grown quite obsessed with my Avocado Tree. Now that it has reached a pretty tall height, I’ve decided to not contain it’s greatness in such a small glass jar. I’ve purchased a 15 gallon plastic pot to allow my tree to grow to it’s biggest and highest potential. Plus, it only costs 3 bucks at Family Dollar. Score! Before potting, I pruned at the top a bit and soaked the dirt with a few sprays of the natural feed I spoke about here. Pretty pleased with how it is turning out.

Next, I went to my front lawn and picked the biggest rocks I can find. About 15 of them made it home with me. I washed them thoroughly with an old toothbrush & some Dawn soap and tossed them at the bottom of the pot; this helps with drainage. Then placed the soiled dirt, made a “cubby” for the seed and it’s 10 inch roots. I added 2 extra inches of space for more room. Sat the seed comfortably in the dirt and exposed half of the seed to help its growth. That’s all. Sprayed more feed and water all over the top because, shit, motherhood feels good. ha!

Still a newbie at this new stage in my life yet embracing it to the fullest. Also, the spray bottles contain water and only the green bottle contains the feed mixture (water + feed liquid). Smells horrible (like ass) but does an awesome job at feeding my babies. Y’all proud of me?



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