In a previous post, I touched base on my daily beauty routine. Soon after that, I decided to add something new to it and thus far, the results are wonderful. I’ve added two new products, one store bought and the other is a DIY off of Pinterest. Some of those pins do work, y’know?

First product was inspired by my mother’s mother, my grandmother. She has been using Pond’s face creams for eons and I’ve never truly admired how well it’s treated her skin. So, I took it upon myself to visit my nearest dollar store and purchase a small, almost sample like size. POND’s Clarant B3 (Vitamin B3) Dark Spot Correcting Cream. This product is set to diminish dark spots along with moisturizing. I’ve spent a very long time under the sun during my early 20’s, late teens, (I’m 27); I mean a long time that I’m afraid in the next 10 years, those “sun spots” may peak, if any. Giving this product a shot, it has evened out my skin tone. Sadly, seeing myself everyday I had no idea my complexion wasn’t as even as I thought to be. When I’m in a hurry, I choose to mix a few drops of the serum into my palm with a few dabs of the cream. Total cost: $2.00

The DIY item is a simple coffee scrub recipe I snatched from Pinterest. Equal amounts of coconut oil, water and finely ground coffee. My recipe was cut in half due to my curiosity of experimenting with something new and not wanting to waste cherished product from my very own bathroom/kitchen cabinets. Coffee scrubs benefits when used regularly are the following;

  • smooth skin
  • exfoliating
  • says to improve blood circulation (I’m not convinced but cheers to that, if so!)
  • treating dark cirles
  • possibly brightening the skin

Total cost: Free.99



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