Myself and my little one, have spent the past many days up after our bedtimes not knowing the cause. Thankfully, I still hold about half a pound of chamomile flowers left that my husband neglected many months ago due to how overwhelming a pound of flowers were. This bag is massive!

Any who, chamomile has been a sleep remedy for as long as I could remember. Last night, I put that remedy to the test. I prepped a batch for my little one the day prior by leaving a cup of flowers in a shaker bottle filled with water to “marinate” over night. I think this is the best “lazy mom” way to do it, no? Then I placed a strainer over a cup and poured the tea along with the flowers in the strainer. This helps catch the flowers and any small particles they leave behind. Next, I microwaved the tea till very warm and placed a tablespoon of organic honey in the tea to melt. Once the honey was melted, I transferred tea to my little ones favorite sippy cup with a straw. Handed it off to her and let the tea do it’s deed.

So, did it work? My kid was down 30 minutes after consumption. Def keeping a large batch of this prepped in the back of the fridge, hahaha.

I too made my own batch but this one wasn’t chamomile. Just a light green tea. Not for sleeping! Just, cause.


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