I’ve ALWAYS, lit-er-a-lly, ALWAYS wondered what was next for me in life. Wondering what trial God had in store for me next. Since I was a teen, I’ve always thought more towards the future and less “live in this moment“. I remember being bashed by anyone for having that “train of thought” simply because I just always wanted to be prepared. Well, today I’m caught in that moment. Thinking “Is this truly whats next for me?

I’m moving. I’ve already said that. Just never said where. Sigh, here it goes.

I’m moving to a temporary housing hotel. There. I’ve said it. I’ve avoided wanting to say it. Im ignorant to this new lifestyle and it’s embarrassing that I find it embarrassing.

Let me explain.

I’m not in a position where I can’t figure out where to locate so a luxury hotel would be my best temp stay, no. I’ve lost my home. My husband has been severely injured that has caused him to be permanently disabled. This brings troubles with income, food and keeping a roof over our little ones head. It has brought a lot of trial and sadness to our family. Is this truly what’s next for me? Im in it, so, yeah. It is.

All glory to God though, for providing us a place to stay. How are we able to afford this? Thankfully, a church in our area was able to provide us with shelter till we get back on our feet.

Again, I’m sorry for such hiatus. It’s been a hard pill to swallow.

If anyone out there, has any advice for me or has even gone through a situation such as this one, please, feel free to comment. I’d be honored for some guidance. ❤


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