(old saved draft) – Currently taking a break from packing and wanting to stress how stressful it is to pack. You don’t truly realize how many items you’ve purchased until it’s time to pack it all up and relocate. Like I’ve mentioned in my recent post, we are moving into temp housing and there isn’t much space there for all we’ve got. Especially in the time frame we have to move, we can’t move everything at once into a storage unit. So I’ve decided to just donate half of my belongings. I’ve bringing the essentials of course, like coffee, fav jeans, coffee and a few Uniqlo tops (my go to), and did I mention coffee?

(current) – I’m here. Let’s just say it isn’t as bad as I assumed for it to be. I’ve only been here for three nights and I can honestly say that I’m extremely grateful for my situation/circumstances. I’ve got a great support team aside from my husband and child. What more can I ask for?

Listen, I grew up with a pretty good silver spoon in my mouth so these living conditions are so new to me. But at the same time, quite exciting. It’s new! That means more room for self growth, more moments to be humble, more patience to be had and most importantly, more expansion of my faith. Faith is truly the pillars that keep this family afloat. Thank God for it.

Once we are settled and organized, I’ll share a few photos of my temporary living space.

I’m glad you’re on this journey with me. I can’t thank you enough.


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