Morning y’all!

My apologies for not posting as often, it’s just been chaotic. Where do I even begin?

After Irma hit, it was a struggle to find necessities that one normally doesn’t think about when the weather is peaceful. It’s been two weeks since Irma and stores are still recovering from the damage that was done. Not long after the hurricane, another hurricane hit towards the caribbean and it almost feels like we are back at square one. I can’t speak for all of United States, but for where I reside here in Florida, the big water companies such Dasani, Aquafina, etc, have remained sold out at many popular grocery stores like Publix, Walmart & Winn Dixie.

The dairy isle is always low on milk and even non dairy milks. Same goes for the bread isle and canned goods. Sometimes I feel as though this tragic situation has put so much fear in peoples hearts that they’re now buying more than what they truly need in order to protect themselves from a disaster in the near future. God forbid! I mean maybe I’m wrong, yet I just can’t help but feel that way, you know? Such disaster has opened many of our eyes in almost a paranoid state of mind. I get it. I do. But even with catering to just my little one and my husband, I feel awful purchasing more water or food than I need simply because I know a bigger/larger family may be out there in search of what I’ve chosen to consume.

You know, in the midst of the chaos and trying to recover from the hurricane, I often felt like a child asking “well, what about me?

It’s truly every man for themselves right now and it is frightening.

Thank God that’s in the past. I wouldn’t wish this kind of destruction on any state, any body.

Prayers for anyone and everyone who has suffered through the earthquakes that struck within Mexico and Hurricane Maria that caused apocalyptic damage to Puerto Rico and near by Islands.


God has us under his wing; there’s no doubt about that.


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